This blog is for all the girls who love beautyliciousness. This blog is for all the mothers who want to get fit again after giving birth to their miracle-babies. This blog is for those who struggle with seeing themselves as beautiful - even though they are. It´s time to enjoy yourself, enjoy food, enjoy life - and at the same time look more beautylicious than ever!

tirsdag 3. august 2010

Go fish!

Today... all I wanted was a big fat burger and big fat fries! But I didn´t have any of that. So instead I decided to make a fish-dish! And believe you me....It turned out DELICIOUS!  Here´s the deliciousness in style:

Recipe for 3 people: 

6 middle size carrots
3 normal size potatoes
2 eggs
4 ts flour
3 ts soy sauce
olive oil
4 fish filets (I used salmon)
1 - 2 tomatoes
- Cut the potartoes and carrots in tiny pieces
- Mix it with the eggs, a little bit of salt and pepper, one ts olive oil and the 4 ts flour and 3 ts soy sauce
- Cover a fireproof pan with the dough
- Cut the fish in big pieces and cover the dough with them
- Salt, pepper, basilikum + your favorite spices!
- Slice the tomatoes and cover the fish with them
- More salt, pepper and basilikum + your favorite spices
- Cheese on top!

Put in stove on 200 C for about 30 min, or until the cheese is a little golden

Cover the plate with your favorite veggies; I used cucumber since I didn´t have crispy salat today.
Then for desert, I had a big cup of black, strong coffee and oatmeal and chocolate cookie that my sister taught me...I´ll teach you those later ;)
NB! Fish is super good for your heart and for your skin. Eat fish 3 times a weak, and I can assure you your skin, heart and body will thank you.

onsdag 21. juli 2010


I´m very weak for american pancakes. Big, fat american pancakes with maple syrup and fruit. And wannabe replacements for unhealthy stuff usually don´t take away my cravings. But this one... Oh my gosh, normal pancakes should be ashamed! I made OATMEAL PANCAKES FROM HEAVEN this morning...And then again for lunch; even though I am a big believer in variety throughout the day. This is how you make the delicioussness:

2 dl oatmeal
1 dl cocoa milk  
1 dl water
A tiny bit of salt 
2 ts cinnamon

Put in:
1 egg
1/2 banana

Fry in a pan with healthy oil

Blueberries /blueberry jam on top... ENJOY!

tirsdag 20. juli 2010


I just made a super delicious dinner I have to share with yall! I´ve been home in Norway for the summer, and I have so many wonderful friends that generously are treating me. But that also means a lot of sugar and chocolate. How deal with that? Big smile and being super thankful for having good friends! It´s good to be healthy, but I don´t think it´s healthy to be so obsessed with what I put into my mouth that it has a negative impact on my friendships. And when it´s your turn to be in the kitchen....Be as healthy and creative as you want ;)

I unfortuantely didn´t take a picture of my dinner today. But here are the ingredienses:

-Boil a little bit of water
-Put in two carrots that you have sliced in tiny pieces (makes it easy to smash them further on in the -process... But if you have a food processor -go for it!)
-Put in a couple tea spoons of Tandori spice
-Fry onion in a tiny bit of the more healthy oils ( I used olive oil)
-Cut cicken in squares and roll them in Tandori spice before you the pieces it in the pan with the onion
-Now the carrots should be ready for you to smash them!
-Put the fried chicken and the onion into the pot with carrots
-Pour in a little bit of cocoa milk
-Let the carrot-chicken steam and make it self delicious for a few minutes under a lid
-Finish off with putting in a few cashews

Voila!  A India-inspired meal for you and your friends or family. Took me about 15 minutes to make, and it was GOOD!

mandag 19. juli 2010

Wanna have lunch with me?

Lunch time is my favorite time of day! Or ...every meal is my favorite time of day. Therefore it´s a good thing is that what I eat can actually be healthy and yummy all at once. If you only don´t have much time; here´s one idea what yummyness you can make for yourself and who ever is lucky enough to have lunch with you.

Here you have proteine from chicken, vitamines from sweet peppers and lettuce. It´s super simple, and very good for ya! I fried the chicken and the sweet peppers in a small amount of olive oil, salt and pepper.

søndag 18. juli 2010

Hurray! It´s snack time!

You´re getting hungry. But it´s not lunch time yet... Cookies? Or a brownie? Or chips? Sounds easy and tasty, right?  But here´s something just as easy, even more delicious, and most important - something very good for you!

- A full grain cracker  (recipe will come´s amazing!!)
- Smashed avocado with salt, pepper and lime
- Sweet peppers
- A few grapes
- Fried egg white


- An apple with a teaspoon or two of peanut butter
- A few strawberries
- A few grapes

These are suuuper helthy and  DELICIOUS snack meals in between your breakfast and lunch. You won´t even be thinking of cookies after this. Enjoy!

Balance baby!

Eating is happyness. I love delicious tastes, and I´ll never be able to starve myself. The good thing is; if we eat regularly, we don´t gain that easily either!  There´s a lot of nasty things we can put into our bodies that are not good for either or health or our looks. Yet, balance is always a good idea how I see it. I allow myself to enjoy the not-too-healthy-stuff too, cause I believe it´s healthy to not be too obsessed with how to eat. Balance is everything !

torsdag 15. juli 2010

Stingy nettle dream

Not too long ago I learned something amazing from my friend, Linn. Stingy nettle tea not only tastes good (nettle and a slice of lemon), it also has all kind of benefits for your body.

- It´s a natural detox
- it has a lot of proteine
- Lots of different vitamines

Not only that - but after having made your self a cup of tea, put your your head over the steaming pot, and have your face cleansed in the steam.  Put a towel over your head, and enjoy 5 or 10 minutes of nettle steam.Your face feels lovely and cleansed after.

How I do it:
- Pick nettle  (Don´t let it burn you! Gloves are good!)
- Put it in a pot of boiling water and a slice of lemon
- Turn down the heat and let it steam under a lid for 8 min
- Pour tea into your favorite cup!
- Place your face over the remaining water and enjoy the steam bath
- Make sure you have no make up on and that you have done your normal cleaning on face first.

Fore more info, check out